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Dara Indepence Resort & Spa Hotel, Sihanoukville Cambodia

I still remembered four years ago that I needed to cancel my journey to Sihanoukville as I had very limited time to spend in Cambodia. I heard Sihanoukville is really beautiful place with many awesome beaches. I always love beaches and island. Then, when I heard that AirAsia going to introduce the route to Sihanoukville from Kuala Lumpur, it’s really triggered me as I need to accomplish my previous mission.
I will post my journey around Southern Cambodia in my incoming blogpost, but now I want to review resort that I stayed during my stay at Sihanoukville. It is Dara Independence Resort & Spa.
Dara Independence Resort & Spa is an ultimate beach resort on the leafy shore of Sihanoukville Bay. Private beach, historical building and sea villas among acres of tropical forest and lush gardens. Three restaurants, two swimming pools, private beach and ocean promenade.

Previously, it was known as The Independence Hotel,  which popular among Cambodia’s elite social class, famous actors, musicians and the Royal family. Jacqueline Kennedy even visited the hotel during her visit to Cambodia in 1967.

In Sihanoukville, they have a few beaches around the city, which are Ochheauteal Beach, Otres Beach, Otres Beach 2, Sokha Beach, Independence Beach, Hawaii Beach and Victory Beach. Dara Independence Resort & Spa is located nearby Independence Beach.
From Airport, it is about 20 minutes journey (21km) and from the resort to the Golden Lions took about 8 minutes (5.6km). So, I can say it is located at the very quiet place and it is good if you looking for calm environment and avoiding crowded places.

Check-in / Reception/Lobby

Once arriving the hotel, I passed my passport to the receptionist and the staff asked me to wait at the sofa. They served me with lemongrass juice and cold towel. I felt welcome immediately.
They have a lot of staff at receptionist which will attend your request immediately. Most of them are local Khmer. From what I experienced, they need to improved the English as a few of my question they couldn’t understand.
In a day time, there will a tourist information desk which happy to help you anytime.
Lobby interior is simple and nice. But, I didn’t prefer the open air lobby as the Cambodia heat is really hot and the lobby I think is not really good place to hang out, I really need an AC in Cambodia.


I stayed in King Deluxe Room located at the 6th floor. When I entered the room, I was impressed immediately. I love the theme colour of the room, which is apple green, really makes peaceful environment. I was impressed with the view of the room which is a panorama window, where I can enjoy the sea and forest view, and it’s look like watching the movie.
All 52 rooms in the main building are spacious with a king size bed or twin beds, a desk, sitting chairs, small table and mini fridge. There was a safe to secure our valuables inside the closet, along with bathrobes, slippers and an umbrella, just in case.
They also offered welcoming fruits, such as dragonfruits, bananas, pear and longans. If you can see my room quite spacious.
Talking about the bed, it is really big and really comfortable. They provides 4 pillow, with other 4 small pillows. I really slept very well and really hard to get up every morning.
I really love their bathroom. If you do not want to miss a view when taking a bath, you can open the bathroom’s curtain and enjoy the view from you bathtub.

All the amenities inside the room are completed and as standard as other 4 stars hotel. The deposit box also provided and they have really big cupboard for your wardrobe.


Breakfast took place at Coral Restaurant. Variety of dish provided here. You can choose to have your breakfast indoor or outdoor. As I did not eat any meat/chicken, my choices of food are limited, but still I am satisfied, as long as I get my half-boiled egg and my fruits to start my day.

The Infinity Pool

I was quite lucky as the infinity pool just started operated since May 2017. It is pretty impressive. The infinity pool is overlooking the sea which is pretty cool.
I love the design of the pool. It look like when you are taking the photo, seem you are in Santorini or Mykonos, Greece but no, you are in Southern Cambodia. I can say this as they choose they turquoise color as their them. I can say it one of the infinity pool that you need to go when you are in Southeast Asia.
You can enjoy the sea and sunset while you are in the pool, or can just chill out at the bar, ordering drinks and foods.
Even though  its look like modern design of pool, but still the culture and heritage of Cambodia is still remains around the pool.
I can easily spend my whole evening in this pool as it is so cool place to hangout. But to go to this infinity pool, you need to walk a little bit down to the hill.

Swimming pool near the lobby

If you are looking for a quick swim, this resort offers another swimming pool which is near to the lobby. It is big and great pool too.


I did not have a chance to try the gym. But from my observation, there are always people inside the gym. The gym is surrounded with the trees and you can enjoy the view while exercising as the wall is a glass.

The Beach

There is a beach elevator provided by the hotel if you want to go to the beach or to the Sunset Restaurant. Sunset Restaurant is amazing. I will talked about the Sunset Restaurant in the next blogpost.
Seriously, I was impressed with the elevator. When you go up or down with the elevator, you can enjoy the view from the elevator glass wall.
I never experience this beach elevator elsewhere. It is like the technology in the middle of forest and just next to the beach.

Shuttle bus
Despite the resort a little bit far from town, you do not need to worry much as they offer free shuttle bus. There are 6 times per day and you can choose to drop off at Canadia Bank & Golden Lion. And the shuttle arrives at the exact times a per mention.

Dara Independence Resort & Spa has exceeded my expectation. They have so much to offer, and the resort facilities is amazing. I recommend if you looking for romantic gateway for your honeymoon or vacation, this resort is the answer.
I think staying in this resort is one of things you must do in the Sihanoukville. I do not mind to return back to stay at this resort for my next vacation.
Make a reservation & Check the rate
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Phone Number: +855 (0)34 934 300 +855 (0)12 728 090
Address: Independence Beach, Street 2 Thnou, Sangkat 3,  Sihanouville, Cambodia


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