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Pelukis kartun menghina Rasulullah SAW kini disambar api

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Rohani Razak

ambil iktibar….jagan hina nabi,jgn hina al quran,jgn hina hudud,jgn kata hudud tak ada dlm al quran……dll

Kurt Westergaard, lelaki yang melukis kartun Nabi Muhammad S.A.W dengan niat untuk menghina Islam suatu ketika dulu. Allah S.W.T telah bakar lelaki ini dalam api. Banyak cubaan untuk membunuh lelaki ini tetapi ramai yang mati ditembak oleh …polis yang mengawal lelaki ini. Dengan kuasa Allah S.W.T, walaupun dijaga rapi oleh pihak polis. Api yang datang dari mana entah, membakar lelaki ini. AllahuAkbar!TOLONG SHARE KAT WALL ANDA SEKIRANYA ANDA SAYANG NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W. Sumber:
*gambar sekadar hiasanSee More

Danish blasphemer burns to death

In an investigative report, an Arabic newspaper, published from Saudi Arabia, has claimed that Kurt Westergaard, Danish cartoonist, has died in a fire incident.

*Update: International press has not confirmed this report.

The Danish authorities are trying their best to hide his death, who have found no clue about how the fire broke out and why only the room in which blasphemer Kurt was staying had been damaged. The initial investigation shows that the cartoonist, who committed blasphemy by drawing objectionable caricatures of Prophet (Peace be Upon Him), was provided complete security, as he had received many threats from across the globe after the Muslims had been enraged due to the repeated publication of the caricatures in the European press.

Kurt Westergaard created a controversial cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb in his turbanIn February 2008, three Arab nationals were arrested for their alleged involvement in plotting the death of Kurt. A Somali man had also tried to stab him to death but the policemen deputed at his house saved him miraculously.

It is worth recalling that the blasphemous cartoons first appeared in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

The investigative report says the incident took place some days back in which Westergaard was burnt seriously and died on the spot, but the international media is completely silent about it. The report further claims that some eyewitnesses are also available to testify the happenings. The Danish authorities have so far been unable to find any hint about the cause of fire, as they had started investigations while keeping in mind some external conspiracy to kill the blasphemer.

According to the BBC, a total of twelve persons were involved in the blasphemous act, but all of them, except Kurt, had opted to go underground to escape the public wrath after the Muslims around the world had participated in protest rallies which were attended by millions of people. People in Pakistan had also joined their brethren like those in Indonesia, Bangladesh, India and many Arab countries to register protest against the conspiracy to malign Muslims and their religion. In Lahore and Peshawar, the demonstrators had turned violent and around six persons were killed during the course, while property worth million of rupees was reduced to ashes.

But instead of expressing any remorse, Westergaard went public on many occasions saying he had no regret for committing such a shameful act.

The Saudi newspaper says the death of Kurt shows how powerful Allah Almighty is, as despite the foolproof security arrangements, none was able to save him from his tragic end.


  1. Benarkah Kurt Westergaard telah mati?

  2. subhanallah maha suci ALLAH…

  3. padan muke…mmg elok kna bakar kt dunia Islam mana der hina org kafir, tp org kafir slalu hina org Islam…biar jd pengajaran.

  4. Subhanalloh……! ALLAHU AKBAR….! semoga yang demikian menjadi pelajaran bahwa Allah Maha Kuasa atas semua makhluk-Nya……

  5. Assalammualaikum.itu adalah balasan kpd mereka sengaja menghina nabi Muhammad s.a.w,semoga ia menjadi suatu pengajaran

  6. Subhanallah
    Allah maha besar

  7. janganlah kita lawan kuasa Allah sbb kita pun hidup dengan ihsan Allah sahaja….

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